What Is Kohi Click Test?

Keeping a record of clicking speed is a common trend today. Everyone wants to be the fastest. Everyone wants to have the highest clicking record, and why not? Online gaming is the new normal. The gaming world has its own positions for the people who are best in it. One of the essential elements of gaming is rapid clicking or speed clicking. If you can click fast enough, you can be a champion every time. Check your click speed today at Clicks Test. If you have a score of 9-12, you are fast enough. If the score is more than that, even better! If you aren’t fast enough, you need to start practising today. Kohi click test is one such method to check your click speed and work on it.

What is Kohi Click Test?

Kohi click test is a popular method to check your clicking speed. You can try your hands on any test up to 100 seconds and know your clicking score. The test is attempted by millions of gamers all-round the globe everyday to check and improve their clicking speeds. Kohi click speed test is mostly visited by gaming freaks who do not want to miss out on opportunities just because they cannot click fast enough.

The Kohi click test allows the user to estimate their CPS (Clicks per Second) for a specific time limit. Most CPS tests feature a basic time limit of 10 seconds. Some also have it for 5 seconds. This means that you can check your clicking speed in the time frame of 5 seconds. These low time interval programmes are easier to perform in computer mice. But if you wish to do it on a laptop touchpad, you need to make sure that your sensors are top-notch. Some games also allow you to use the space bar in the place of the touchpad. You can use those as well.

If you are using a computer mouse, you better use a wired one. Wireless mice are attractive to look at, but when it comes to performance, they often lag behind. An uninterrupted clicking session is very essential to get an accurate score.

Origin of Kohi Click Test

Kohi click tests basically came into existence for Minecraft servers. These servers are specially made for hardcore gamers. People all-round the world can play the click speed test challenges and try to score the highest records.

Techniques to Click Faster in Kohi Click Test

Apart from the basic clicking ability of a gamer, there are also several methods to speed up your clicking. Some games consider these techniques unacceptable, but there is no harm in learning them.

Jitter Clicking Technique

Jitter clicking is a popular clicking technique. Here, you keep your fist and palm above the mouse surface (not touching it). It is your pointer finger that touches the mouse button with the tip perpendicularly. The hand is kept unmoving. This makes the hand muscles produce vibrations. These vibrations are then used for clicking rapidly. That is how the Jitter clicking technique works.

Butterfly Clicking Technique

Butterfly clicking is nothing but to use both, your pointer finger and your middle finger to click the mouse. Many people find this technique unacceptable.

Kohi click test is pretty addictive. Once you get into it, you would try to keep beating your previous records. Practising clicking regularly makes you pretty good at gaming. Do it regularly!